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Cooking Parties with Lindy Sinclair, International Cook
Phone: 510-223-4063 lindy@lindysinclair.com

A delightful new and easy way to give a party! Learn to make delicious meals with friends or family, cooking and eating together. Improve your culinary skills in the comfort of your own home. Choose from a wide variety of menus, mix and match or have a theme meal. How about a weekend getaway with family or friends? Relaxed environment to cook, eat and enjoy time together.

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Please note that reservations are not guaranteed until confirmed by phone or email.

Register by using credit card or your checking account via PayPal. If you prefer to send a check, email lindy@lindysinclair.com for mailing address. Deposit needs to be received 3 weeks before a party, 8 weeks before a getaway, to reserve your event. Please give email or phone to receive confirmation.

For more information, call instructor, Lindy Sinclair, (510) 223-4063 or email lindy@lindysinclair.com.

Cooking Parties

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Basic: covers equipment and fundamental skills in one session.

Intermediate: different international themes - ten choices.

Advanced: more complex menus, e.g. sushi, souffles and crepes.


Classes meet at your home or in a beautiful private home in the East Bay (easy access from Marin County). Duration 3 hours. Each party includes instruction, hands-on cooking, relaxed ambience and a delicious 3-course meal, with wine optional.


The fee for each party is $53 per person plus party fee/deposit of $125. Minimum group is 5 students.

A deposit of $125 and confirmation from instructor reserves your party date. The balance ($53 per person) is due 10 days before date of event.

Party deposit $125
Give two or three potential dates
Additional fees $265 for 5 people ($53 per person)
Give number of students; fee covers ingredients and recipes/handouts.

Solo? Treat yourself to the same kind of experience for $78. I'll include you with others in a small group.

Solo $78 per person
Meet and cook with 4 or 5 other people

CANCELLATION POLICY:  If you cancel giving me 48 hours advance notice, you can put the deposit towards another party. Deposits are not refundable. With less than 48 hours notice, you lose the deposit but can still put the balance towards another party.

Solos giving less than 48 hours notice receive no refund.

These Foodish Things reserves the right to cancel due to illness or other unforseeable circumstance. Host will be notified and may transfer event to a new mutually agreeable date.

Money-back guarantee:  If, after completing a party, you feel that you did not get your money's worth, I will cheerfully refund your party deposit.

Gifts for Friends or Yourself

These Foodish Things apron$20
Big white chef's apron with pencil pocket and These Foodish Things logo. Be thoroughly protected from splashes in this super-long, super-wide, 100% cotton apron. Price includes tax, packaging and shipping.
Gift certificate for one person to attend party$78
Gift certificate for party for 5 people$390
Beautifully crafted gift certificate with your personalized message on it, mailed to your choice of recipient(s).

Weekend getaways

Photo of getaway in progress

Weekend cooking getaways include two nights lodging, three cooking classes, and four meals (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch and Sunday brunch), all for $325/person and up (double occupancy), depending on your choice of accommodations. email for details of the choices available. Non cooking partners are welcome too. A deposit of $150 per person for a minimum of 6 people holds your reservation; balance due 30 days before the getaway. Deposit refundable or transferable to subsequent parties or getaways until 30 days before the getaway.

Weekend getaway deposit $150 deposit per person, 6 people minimum
Weekend Cooking Getaway on northern Marin coast in a lovely home with magnificent ocean views


Recent students have said:
  • "I liked the food. I liked the company. I liked the mood."
  • "It was wonderful."
  • "Doing something I've never done before that now I would be fearless about doing again, solo."
  • "The food was excellent and the shared preparation/cooking was fun."
  • "Well paced, never felt rushed. Very patient instructor."

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